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POLi Payments

We worked with POLi to uncover a stronger positioning, and to bring the brand to life with a user-friendly new website.



Technology moves fast, and it’s important to keep up in this game.

For over 10 years, POLi Payments offered their customers a game-changing payments platform; one that enabled account-to-account transfers securely from any website. But technology moves fast, and it’s important to keep up, so it was time for a refresh and to align it with their parent brand Australia Post.


Keeping up with the fintech giants.

With the rise (and rise and rise) of fintech startups, POLi found themselves with more competitors and a growing need to differentiate. They struggled to tell their unique story in a concise and meaningful way, with crowded messaging and too much product information.

The website was outdated, lacked clear content hierarchy and wasn’t user friendly. One of the biggest selling points of POLi was the Australia Post name and the trust that goes with it, but the existing site didn’t capitalise on this association.


Re-think and re-align.

Our first priority was to rethink the positioning of the product, and uncover key messages to more effectively sell the benefits of POLi. We develop concise messaging and restructure the site to reinforce their point of difference in the fintech space, making it more customer focused and easy to digest.

In order to leverage Australia Post’s brand recognition and appeal to users in the fintech space, we designed a new look and feel based on the AusPost master brand, and created a suite of illustrations to bring it all to life.


A cutting-edge website for a cutting-edge product.

The new POLi website is truly customer-centric, using engaging, benefits-first content and a fresh visual language to guide users to key contact points. By putting the customer’s needs first, and making dense information more digestible, we were able to craft a clearer and more compelling product offering. With a fresh, modern platform up their sleeve, POLi have gone from strength to strength, recently launching a new feature called PayID, solidifying their position as one of the most trusted names in online payments.

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