Australia Post

Banking Summit

Creating an emotive video piece that tells Australia Posts story to an invite-only banking summit of the ELTs of the major banks.

Art Direction
Story Boards
Script writing
Video production


Australia Post was holding a closed summit with Australia’s major banks to discuss their financial services. We were tasked to create an emotive video piece set on the backdrop of covid to help position Australia Posts important role in the community as a financial services provider.


Created during the pandemic, with lock downs and restrictions, we saw the opportunity to tell a story that harnessed the community spirit and show how Australia Post is a part of every community across Australia, connecting everyone together.

We then wove in key value points the banking team wanted communicate, while being conscious to remain authentic, a key part of the Australia Post brand.


Successfully generated support.

The final result was extremely well received by executive senior leaders. After its initial closed event launch the video was released internally with the launch of their new financial strategy carved from those meetings and then later promoted on Australia Posts social media channels.

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