Thriving Families

Reframing the way parents think about parenting.

Improving the support a parent gets, improves a child's development, which in turn improves the whole community. That is what the insight was that lead to our engagement by a steering group that includes community support organisations, councils and high schools in the east of Melbourne.

Key Services
Campaign Strategy
Art Direction

With the right tools, kids can really blossom

The research showed parents need to be open to change and make the first steps - telling them what to do doesn’t have a long term impact.

With the aim to open their minds and reframe how they approach parenting, we designed a strategy and creative to create intrigue within the audiences social media feeds, encouraging them to read further.

The campaign strategy was built around existing channels to target audiences through existing relationships and native channels, maximising the brand equity each member of the group has in the community. This in turn gave the campaign the ability to reach a wide cross section of the community.

The strategy shows how a simple idea can be used to reach the whole community.