We’ve been working alongside the MPavilion team to improve the digital experience, reach a larger audience and talk more directly to their interests.

We revamped their website with a focus on both the public audience and the backend experience for staff, who need to manage 400+ events. Among other results, the changes to the program search functionality saw a 30% increase in visitors staying on the site to explore content.

Key Services
Campaign Creative
Tenders & Pitch Support
Digital Design & Development
Videos production & Script writing

Seeing the pandemic as an opportunity, the 2020 Pivot

We helped the iconic 4 month long event series manage the global pandemic. We worked with them to put strategies in place, enabling simple covid check-in processes and ways to increase their database reach as everyone moved online.

Managing visitors safety and creating strategies to maximise the online opportunities of 2020. We helped the team pull off a successful 2020 season.

Increasing online engagement

In 2019 we worked closely with the festivals team to understand the complexities of the festival program to design and built a new experience for this famed Melbourne unique architectural commission.

The resulting site proved easier to navigate and more engaging, with improved metrics across the board. Visitors stayed 30% longer, went deeper and it received positive feedback from the public about the improved filter functionality made exploring the program easier.